Specialising for Quarry, Mining, Recycling, Agriculture & all general industries

Conveyor Belting

Sizes from 400mm to 2500mm wide

6mm to 25mm thick

2-ply to 6-ply

Manufactured to BS 490 and DIN 22102 Spec with EP Carcass

Chevron Belting

500mm to 1400mm wide

2 to 4 ply

15mm – 25mm – 30mm high cleats

Grip Face Conveyor Belting

Rubber grip top for conveying goods on a high incline

Fabric back for smooth glide

Cleated Belts

To handle lumpy blocks, chips and agricultural produce

Dry Friction – Back Conveyor Belt

Smooth rubber top

Specially designed and manufactured for the timber industry in 2 and 3 ply with 2mm and 5mm top rubber covers

Dry back for a smoother glide

RIP Stop Belting

1000mm – 1050mm – 1200mm

E.P. 800 / 3Ply Carcass plus 1 Steel
Cord Weft

8mm Top 3mm Bottom Covers