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Specialising for Quarry, Mining, Recycling, Agriculture & all general industries

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belting

Sizes from 400mm to 2500mm wide

6mm to 25mm thick

2-ply to 6-ply

Manufactured to BS 490 and DIN 22102 Spec with EP Carcass

Conveyor Belts

Chevron Belting

500mm to 1400mm wide

2 to 4 ply

15mm – 25mm – 30mm high cleats

Conveyor Belts

Grip Face Conveyor Belting

Rubber grip top for conveying goods on a high incline

Fabric back for smooth glide

Cleated Belts

To handle lumpy blocks, chips and agricultural produce

Conveyor Belts

Dry Friction – Back Conveyor Belt

Smooth rubber top

Specially designed and manufactured for the timber industry in 2 and 3 ply with 2mm and 5mm top rubber covers

Dry back for a smoother glide

Conveyor Belts

RIP Stop Belting

1000mm – 1050mm – 1200mm

E.P. 800 / 3Ply Carcass plus 1 Steel
Cord Weft

8mm Top 3mm Bottom Covers

Contact Us to enquire about any
of our belting products or information on conveyor belt repairs. 

We are happy to advise you on
appropriate belting solutions to suit your unique requirements.

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