Rubber Products

Our Long Life Skirting and Screen Bar Rubber is durable, hard wearing and wear resistant.

At FRP Co we carry a wide range of regular sizes and manufacture non standard sizes to order.

Screen Bar Buffer Rubber

  • Longer screen life
  • Positive grip
  • Easy to install
  • Impact and abrasive resistant
  • Reduces downtime, maintenance, metal-to-metal wear, noise
  • Various selection of sizes available

Long Life Side Skirting rubber

  • 3mm thick
  • 6mm thick
  • 10mm thick
  • 12mm thick
  • 15mm thick

Non standard sizes made to order

Sponge Cord

  • 25mm O.D Cord

Other sizes supplied to order

Drum Lagging - Original Slide Lag

  • Various selections of sizes available
  • Block Grab Bars
  • 44 inches long
  • 52 inches long

Spray Nozzles

  • Spray bar nozzles
  • Available in PU and brass

Rubber Socks

  • Various selections of sizes available

If you have any questions regarding our
rubber products call us on 040232994 Alternatively you can send us an
email and we will respond as quickly as possible.